Ese 691 Week 2 Preventing School Violence

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Due to a growing number of social problems and an increase in the at-risk population over the past two years, as displayed on the “Time Line of Worldwide School and Mass Shootings,” acts of violence in schools have increased significantly with physical violence, cyber-bullying, and destruction to property. Many principals have now initiated Preventing School Violence programs at their schools.
For this assignment, imagine that you have been given the task of constructing an intervention/prevention
program aimed at either the high school or middle school level to reduce acts of violence. Writeafour-tofive- page paper, or create a 15- to 20-slide PowerPoint or Prezi presentation in which you:
Identify the cultures that populate your district and the behaviors that may be unique to school-age students in those demographic populations.
Explain why this type of program is important for today’s school environment. Be sure to include whether you are focusing on high school or middle school students.
c. Describe features you would most want the program to have, citing at least four specific examples of programs or intervention strategies that apply to the age group you’ve chosen and could be offered or tried. Be sure to include what aspects you would be careful to avoid in designing your program.
Outline at least five warning signs that a student might display prior to committing an act of violence.
Specify strategies to prevent school bullying. 

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