الأعجوبة الثامنة في العالم (The World’s Eighth Wonder)

The magnificent civilization I have created is called الأعجوبة الثامنة في العالم ( Telu Ajub A Yahtim Ya Filamin). The name of my civilization means   My civilization’s slogan is “Na Sohlydeniye Yarlayetsya bor’ba, which means “to have honor is to fight.” The civilization name comes from the Arabic language, where it means “the world’s eighth wonder.” The slogan comes from the Russian language, where it means “to fight is to honor.” The name of the capital city in my country is Turr’kistan, this is a major city in business, trading, education, and also health care.
The Health care in my civilization is different, and none like the once we have today. The health care in my civilization is free for all ages. You don’t have to pay for check up or operation, and to top that all of we have really warm hearted doctors too. In order for you to get a check up or operation you have to register/ fill out a form 1 week prior to the check up/ operation date. The only exception for that form would be a 2nd EG. 2nd EG stands for, second level emergency. In you are not required to fill out form 1 week prior, you can fill it out after the operation is done. Only people that can qualify for this service are the ones who are extremely bleeding or the people who are about to die.
Education plays a big part in my civilization. I believe if you want to achieve something really high or make your name in the world, you need to have a good education. Therefore I have made education free for everyone in my civilization. We have divided the school system in three categories: Formative school (K-10th grade), Preparatory (11th-12th grade), and College after these schools. Education in my civilization is a privilege to the kids, so we expect excellence from them. In order for any student to go to college for free he/she needs to maintain a 3.5 GPA. If the GPA limit is not meted then the student would have to pay for college till they...