Err Hsc Adults

ERR HSC Adults Situation Name of relevant law
Someone wants to know how many hours a day you
Can be asked to work.
Working Time Directive

Your workplace needs to deal with some hazardous
Substances. Which laws govern how they are dealt with?
Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 2002 (COSHH)

Someone has an accident at work which leaves them
With a permanent disability. Which laws protect them?
Health and safety at Work act (1974)

A male health care/social care worker feels he was the
Best candidate for a job that he did not get. Which
Law would support his challenging the decision?
The Employment Rights Act 1996 (Equal and Fair Treatment Regulations)

A service user asks for the personal address of another
Service user using your setting. What Act would you
have to think about before responding to the request?
Data Protection Act 1999

A member of staff has a new baby. What Law would
she needs to understand to make sure she gets all of
her rights?
Employment Relations Act 1999

A workplace has no or very few Welsh speakers or
workers, though there are mostly Welsh speaking
families in the area.
The Welsh Language Act 1993

The temperature of a workplace needs to be
Regulated. What Act does this?
(Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992

There is a lot of lifting and handling required to assist
people who use services to use the toilet or undertake
activities. What Act would you need to be mindful of?
Manual Handling Operations and Regulations Act 1992 (MHOR)

A female member of staff finds their pay is less than
that for a male colleague who does the same job as
her. What Act could she use to challenge the situation?
Equal Pay Act (1970/1983)

Several staff are absent at the same time and there are
insufficient staff to ensure services users can be looked
after safely.
Health and Safety Act

Look at the information you have about your employment or training
placement (e.g. your...