Erp Emergeny Responce Plan

Emergency Response Management
Emergency Plan

Document purpose and scope
This Master Emergency Plan contains the managerial procedures to be followed in case of any emergency event of Stage 2 or Stage 3 level in order to gain control and prevent escalation of the situation.
Asset affected: All locations / sites and facilities
Staff affected: General Management & Management Team, Field- and Company Staff and Support Functions, Emergency Response Teams
Finally all employees involved in emergency response activities.
Table of contents
Section 0: Introduction to the Master Emergency Plan
Section 1: Introduction to the Emergency Response Organisation
Section 2: Organisation of the ECCs – Detailed Outline
Section 3: Emergency Notification Chart and Instructions
Section 4: Scenarios
Section 5: Additional Procedures (Company Press & Communication officer’, ‘Dealing with the Media’, etc.)

Annex 1-A: Emergency Contacts List
Annex 1-B: Forms and other Aids
Annex 1-C: Fact Sheets

0.   Introduction to the Master Emergency Response Plan

Document purpose and scope
This Master Emergency Response Plan contains the description of the Company’s emergency response management organization and the procedures to be followed in any Stage 2 or Stage 3 emergency.
In this respect it covers the most likely and most hazardous emergencies that could oc-cur in the Field and Town operational business, such as medical emergencies, fire, gas release, explosion, oil spill, well blow out, aircraft crash, in order to minimise the harmful effects on:
 human life and health,
 the environment,
 Company and/or third party assets,
 Company in Shareholder(s) image and reputation.
Each site has its own more detailed Emergency Response Plans which provide the specific on-site procedures for dealing with the event
This Plan is mainly composed to establish rapid response to an immediate emergency, and thus is composed of the following...