Ergonomic in Hospitality Industry


Tanjong Jara Resort is one of the Small Luxury Hotels of the World which has officially opened on March 1st, 1979 and in earlier times this resort was owned by The Tourist Development of Malaysia and changes the hand of management to YTL Hotels and Properties. This sanctuary of luxury and well-being steeped in age-old Malay traditions resort is located at the East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia or to be more specific, it is located at Terengganu, Malaysia. This resort contains about ninety-nine (99) room and most of the rooms are designed to reflect the elegance and grandeur of 17th century Malay palaces.

Tanjong Jara Resort provides the guests with an authentic taste of the region's spirit and an enduring embodiment of the gentle Malay art of service and hospitality. This resort has their own concept which is based on Malay concept of “SuciMurni” and stress on the purity of spirit, health as well as the well being. The purity of spirit is emphasis on each functional department of the resort and the employees itself as this can bring pureness, honest and sincerity in everyone in doing their work to improve the management as the purity of spirit are internally come from the heart and to win the guests heart, trust and more likely to become a loyal guest at Tanjong Jara Resort whenever they come and visit Terengganu. Health from the concept of Tanjong Jara Resort are strictly stress on cleanliness and physical condition of employees and guests to maintain the performance of the resort and to avoid any unpredictable cases regarding the health.

The concept of well being that Tanjong Jara Resort concerns is about happiness, comfort, security, welfare and safety of the stakeholders. Stakeholders here are the guests, employees, suppliers and shareholders, where the resort needs to fulfill each party interest to achieve the resort objectives. The impact of the concept of Tanjong Jara Resort is it will encourage the true rejuvenation of both body and...