Equity in the Company

TO:   Business Management
DATE:   June 13, 2013

SUBJECT:   Equity in the Company

When you are trying to grow a business you need to make sure the equity in the business is where it needs to be. To build the equity in the business you need to make sure that the company is making money. The more profit you can show that the company has the more equity you will have in the company. Paying off debt that the company owes is another way to get equity. The less you have to pay for the company the higher the equity will be.
The development of complex IT has helped with accounting work. With the software that can be used to do the work there will be less room for error s. These errors can be corrected quickly and this will save the company time and money. These systems play a big role I the everyday operation of the company. They help in the preparation of invoices that the company will need done for the company to function. They can also help with purchases orders that have to be drawn up for the vendors for goods needed for the company. These systems are also going to keep track of the transaction that will be made with n the company. This will aid in making sure that the accounting is correct so that the books will match what the company is really doing. Having the transaction done through the software will make it easy to prepare balance sheets because everything will be there at a glance. This also will be able to show you where any mistakes were made. It also protects your customers to be able to give them accurate receipts. Having the software will make the overall operation of the company a more professional place for the company owner, employees and the customers who patronize the company.
You will need to make sure that you link the accounting systems into the other systems in the business as well this is so that you will be able to see everything that is going on. This will save time and money for the company because everything will be tied into one...