Equaltiy, Diversity and Inclusion in Education

Assignment 1: Roles and Responsibilities
Task 2:   Current legislation and codes of practice

Equality is about giving all learners the opportunity to attend and participate in their chosen course of education. It is all about helping to create a learning environment that is free from all forms of discrimination. Within the classroom it is important to treat all students equally and fairly. It is about supporting learners   no matter their social background or gender. It is important to ensure that all students are given the same chance to learn and develop. It is important to treat students as individuals. An equalities approach understands that our social identity – in terms of gender, race, disability, age, social class, sexuality and religion – will impact on our life experiences.

Diversity is about valuing the differences in people, whether that relates to gender, race, age, disability or any individual characteristics they may have.   Everyone is an individual unique with their own needs and characteristics.   Nowadays, societies are becoming more pluralistic, and it is important to raise children awareness of others around, who are different.   Different culture, race, religion, beliefs, sexual orientated, educational background, medical condition.   As an example of promoting diversity in a classroom with students of different culture background would be to learn about their traditions and celebrating by sharing their culture.

Inclusion is about involving all learners in relevant activities rather than excluding them for any reason   either directly or indirectly.   It is supporting learners with different strategies.   It means recognising, accommodating and meeting   the learning needs of all your students.   It means students have a range of individual learning.     Making the necessary adjustment for students with some kind of disability can benefit all students.   Providing creche facilities for single parents.   In making your teaching inclusive you...