Equality Inclusivity and Diversity


Equality Inclusivity and Diversity

Every learner has different barriers to overcome, by acknowledging and respecting diversity we can help keep standards of equality and inlcusivity high for every individual learner, so that everyone is treated   equally and without prejudice.

As an instructor it is important when ground rules are applied to ensure every individual is given equal opportunity and respect whilst learning. The ground rules should address and cover diversity creating a safe environment to satisfy learner needs this way contributions from everyone will be valued. Through out the prison establishment in buildings, corridors, and classrooms   you see signs and posters promoting Equality, Inclusivity, and Diversity and where help can be found. when teaching prison staff in the use of Cell Snatch Rescue Equipment each persons abilities, doubts and fears need to be addressed. As adults are the ones who attended the course I try to take into consideration any problems they may have it could be family matters, medical conditions e.g. hearing impairment, problems with vision or speech, reading and writing concerns, physical disabilities so that support can be given what ever their need while they are attending the course, my commitment to all staff   required to complete the course is that they gain the confidence, experience, qualification certificate needed for   them to create a safe environment for themselves and other members of staff to work in with the knowledge they can react and deal with a cell fire possibly life threatening and do so in a safe and professional manner.      

Help is available within the establishment e.g.

The Diversity Team concerns dealing with race, gender, disability or age
The Care Team helping with personal issues giving guidance and advice
Line Managers
Education Department help with academic concerns
Physical Education Instructors for health and fitness.