Equality and Divesity

When advertising the post the company ask for necessary skills and qualifications acquired which makes it difficult hen applying for that particular position .when I look at majority of the people who apply for jobs like nursing assistant, I find that the most people who apply come from ethnic minority and they usually don’t poses much skills considering that most of them are not that educated. Under employment act 2002, I think it is a way of discrimination to those who are not educated. I personal think that as long as you can read and right, you are suitable to do a job like being nursing assistants because you don’t need to do what a qualified practitioner do.

For the reason why I think the company ask for the skills and qualification I think that they use this as a way of deciding how much they can the new employee. This means that if you are short listed you are likely to be underpaid because of not having necessary skills for the job. The equal pay act 1983 clearly state that when people do the same job and same duties, they are supposed to be paid the same.

Still on advertising ,the company does not state equal opportunities .The application form usually stick to the post and doesn’t state whether that particular post can be suitable for everyone including females, or anyone with any sort of disability. I belief that if they state that the position can be suitable for those particular people ,it makes it easier to screen and have equal opportunities .Also by mentioning equal opportunities , the applicants can decide whether the job is suitable for them .I think under equal opportunities act 2002 ,it is a form of discriminating those with disability.

Still on equal opportunities the application form doesn’t state on the job description about flexible working hours .So by considering that most women for instance, have family commitments and they need more time off work. By getting the job they end up tired by working commitments and less time with...