Equality and Diversity Unit 3 Level 5

Unit 3: Champion Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

1 Understand diversity, equality and inclusion in own area of responsibility

      1.1 Explain models of practice that underpin equality, diversity and inclusion in own area of responsibility.

It is my responsibility as management to ensure all individuals are treated equally and with dignity and respect. This includes the residents in my care, the staff, and professionals visiting to support us, and resident’s visitors and family members.
Equality is not about treating everyone in the same way, but giving everyone an equal chance to take opportunities to do the things they want to and empower them to achieve their dreams and meet their goals.
Diversity is about looking at and appreciating the differences in individuals and how those can enrich the group or the community as a whole. Differences can be about physical ability or disability, intellectual ability, language, culture and many other things.
In the care we provide we are careful to appreciate the diversity of our client group and how that impacts on their care, not just in their physical abilities, but in their different personalities and the backgrounds they come from.
We have several of our female clients who will only have a female to give personal care and this has to be reflected in their care plan. For most of them it is a personal choice and this is important and respected but for one resident it is an important cultural issue. This lady is profoundly disabled and is non verbal so cannot communicate her wishes. She is however Muslim so in her culture it is a big deal if a man is allowed to give her personal care. It is important for me as management to make sure her care plan reflects this and make sure all staff are aware and respect her cultural background and her family’s wishes even though she is unable to express these wishes herself.
Some of my clients have learning disabilities and this can affect their ability to make choices. It is...