Eph for All

1) Golden Michelia
  * Scientific Name: Michaelia Champaca
  * Distribution: Terai and Hilly Region (600 to 1500 meters)
  * Type: Evergreen
  * Species: Small and Large
  * Flower: Light Yellow and Golden
  * Height: Approximately 30 Meters
  * Useful Part: Timber, Bark and Flower
  * Importance: Oil expected from fower is very useful to treat           leprocy, cough, rhmutic, aulsor eye disease.
  * Found: Bardiya National Park
        Note: Cutting exploitation and export are band.

  2) Spike Nard (Jatamashi)
  * Scientific Name: Nardostachys Grandi Flower
  * Distribution: Mountain region (3000-5000m altitude)
  * Height: Up to 60cm of leaves
  * Type: Herbs with thick aeronautic rhizome
  * Color: Pinkish white
  * Root: Reddish brown
  * Height of plant: 2 feet
  * Useful part: Rhizome
  * Important: Useful to treat cholera, cough, cold, altitude sickness, high blood pressure, epilepsy, insomnia and heart diseases.

  3) Serpentina (Sarpa-Gandha)
  * Scientific Name: Ralfia Serpentina
  * Distribution: Terai and hilly (1200 altitude)
  * Type: Small erect perennial plant
  * Flower: Redish and white colour in bunches
  * Height:   upto 45 cm
  * Leaves: Wide and long  

  4)   The Himalayan Yew (Lauth Salla)
  * Scientific Name: Taxus baccata wallichana
  * Distribution: Hilly and Himalayan region(1700 to 3400m)
  * Type: Soft wood, small tree
  * Height: Upto 8m
  * Useful Part: Taxol which is extracted from earlier leaves.
  * Importance: Useful to treat cancer, headache, respiratory infection, diarrhea, HBP and dry cough.

  5) Paunch Aunle
  * Scientific Name: Doctylorhized Ratagirea
  * Distribution: Hilly region (2300 to 3600 altitude)
  * Height: Up to 3m
  * Type: Herbal erect perennial plant
  * Useful part: Rhizome
  * Important: Useful to treat cough, stomach pain, wound asthma and anemia
  * Flower: Small purple colour like rose
  * Rhizome: It look like...