Environmental Factors

Environmental Factors
Kaitlyn Nisbet

The four external environmental factors are Economic Factors, Sociological Factors, Political and Professional Factors, and Technological Factors.
Economic Factors has five components that make up the framework they are funding sources which funds the organizations some resources are from grants, and contracts. Than non-cash revenues which could be volunteers, in-kind contributions, and tax benefits. Than clients and consumers which is extremely important if you still want this organization to exist. Human service agencies are here to help the client and if what you do for the client is not needed any more than your organization can close. Than suppliers and the competitors which is the referral sources for clients from teachers, medical personal preparing workers for this positon, and the competition within the human service agency’s though the government is more likely to have a contract with a for profit or nonprofit agency instead of doing a wide variety of services.
Sociological Factors is really trying to understanding your socioeconomic, ethnic, gender, and age profiles in the community that you serve. To do this you and to figure out the community’s makeup in terms of income, education, ethnicity and so on you should be using census data. This can help you plan better to what your agency does for the community.
Political/ Professional Factors which the political factors is knowing the laws and regulations imposed from the federal, state, and local level. Also learning about how the community feels about the services you are providing. The professional factor is the accreditation that you have with the clients in the community.
Technological Factors which is the use of equipment which includes the computer hardware and software, also the development of the new treatment approaches.

Internal Environment has six factors that help the organization which are Organizational purpose, mission, and philosophy,...