An environment means “human beings and all the things that surrounds us”
Environment is therefore made up of many things these include:-
Human beings, land, soil, water, wetlands, fish animals, insects and other small creatures, plants, built up environment like houses, roads, bridges etc, socio economic factors like political situations, income, housing, employment and education are all part of our environment and well being.
For us survive and lead and comfortable life in our environment, there are certain basic needs that we require. These include:- food, shelter, clothing, water, health, security and spiritual wellbeing.
Nature has been so good tons in that it provides sunshine and rain which helps the plants to grow so that we and our animals get enough food. The water also fills rivers and lakes which provides a good home for fish and other animals. Animals. As the plants grow and die, the leaves and dead plants go back into the soil and make it more fertile so that we can grow more crops. The insects make holes in the soil so that water and air can go into the soil and make it better for plants to grow.
If we learn to live peacefully and take good care of our environment, nature will continue to provide for our basic needs and those of future generation unfortunately however, we are sometimes careless greedy and reckless in the way we use nature and the environment. It is therefore necessary to learn how to use the environment and the available nature resources wisely.
As we use the environment to provide our basic needs as described above at times our actions can harm the environment because in
• Our population has grown rapidly and the rate at which we use environmental resources is beyond the rate at which these resources reproduce or multiply.
• There is lack of awareness about the dangers of degrading our environment and what impact this can have on our lives.
• the knowledge and tools we use today may not allow us...