Environment Paper

Environmental Factors Paper
                                                  University of Phoenix
Tanja Taylor
Dec. 2, 2012
Mrs. Mary Hinds

Environmental Factors Paper
Environmental Factors

      Today, there are over 34,000 McDonald restaurants that are located throughout the world in over 119 countries (“McDonalds”, 2012.) McDonalds has 1.7 employees and 80% of its restaurants are franchised (“McDonalds”, 2012.) In 1940, Dick and Mac McDonald open the McDonald’s Bar B Q restaurant in Bernardino, California. In 1948, McDonald founded and opens as a self-service drive in restaurant. Hamburger was only fifteen cent in 1948. The menu only consists of nine items. In 1949, McDonald brought the World Famous Fries replacing the potato chips on the menu. By 1965, there were over 700 McDonald restaurants throughout the United States. In 1958, McDonald had sold 100 millionth hamburgers. McDonald had there first television commercial 35 one minute spot in 1966. Ronald became a big hit during the Macy Thanksgiving Parade. In 1967, McDonald goes International the first store open in Canada and Puerto Rico. The 5000th restaurant opens in Kanagawa, Japan in 1978. Spain, Denmark, and the Philippines open there first McDonald in 1981.
McDonald extensive menu targets a range of customers. McDonald markets their products both global and domestic. This paper will focus on the environmental factor global and domestics marketing and the agreements and practices that affect the trade. In additional this paper will discuss the importance of demographic and physical infrastructure, influence of cultural differences, the importance of social responsibility and ethics versus legal obligations. Finally, this paper will discuss the effect of political system and the influence of international relations, the influence of local, nation, and international legislation, and the effect of technology.
Environmental Factors Affecting Global and Domestic Marketing Decisions...