Enviromental Scan

This environment scan conducted is considered an analysis and evaluation of internal conditions and external data and factors that affect Kudler Fine Foods. In order to formulate the strategic plan a good understanding of internal and external environments must be sought to determine whether the business needs of Kudler Fine Foods are coordinated with the availability and competency of its workforce. A common tool used for the strategic assessment is the SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) Analysis.
External factors and data analyzed:
  1. Economic Conditions – Commercial Property Leasing Prices, Commercial Interest/Lending Rates, Qualified Labor Pools, Average Household Income
  2. Weather and Climate - How this has historically affected produce crops
  3. Demographics of Current Locations – Have these changed in last 10 years?
  4. Governmental Influences – Policies, Laws and Regulations that relate to businesses, employees and taxes. Changes in leadership: President, Governor or Commissioners.
  5. Geographic and Competitive Conditions

Internal factors and data analyzed:
  1. Current Workforce Skill Set – Education, knowledge of product and people skills
  2. Demographic Profiles of Current Employees – Age, race, sex ect.
  3. Retirement Eligibility – Will people in key positions be likely to leave?
  4. Union Issues – Do employee’s fall under an employee union?
  5. Organizational Climate – Do staff feel supported and nurtured or overwhelmed and burnt out?
  6. Turnover Rate of Employees – Types of turnover and reasons why staff are leaving the company
  7. Salaries and Benefits – Will the budget allow changes to salaries and benefits
| Positives | Negatives |
Internal Factors | Strengths | Weaknesses |
    1. |     2. Small organization   3. High retention rate of employees   4. Very low percentage of management and specialty staff will be eligible for retirement   5....