Enviromental Factors

Environmental Factors

External factors are outside influences that can impact the ability to achieve goals and objectives to run a successful business.
External factors:
  * Economic
  * Demographic
  * Technological
  * Political
Economic is the biggest influences that shape the economy.   These include the growth, interest rates, and inflation rates. These are very important on how the organization will operate and make decisions.
Demographic there is always change in the population and some of the changes include elderly, families, marriage, and ethnic diversity. These changes can affect business locally.
Technological is another important factor because a company needs to determine the level in order to achieve success. The factors can change the equipment to lead to new services or products.
Political refers to the government forming the stability of the country. The policies set forth by the government defines the taxes, new laws, and regulations.
Internal factors are important with the human resource of the organization, in which employees work together with the mission to achieve success.
Internal Factors:
  * Human Resource
  * Organizational Culture
  * Organization Structure
  * Management
  * Assets
  * Financial
Human resources is the knowledge of the organization and determines the success of the organizations. Training of staff is an important aspect of the organization and ensure good management practices to achieve operational excellence.
Organizational Culture is another important factor for success in the organization. Attitudes within the staff can make a big difference on how the organization develops new strategies and the ability to deliver excellent customer service.
Organizational Structure is very important factor to ensure the organization can carry out the mission and divide the works among the employees.   The structure is organized into different categories for specific job tiles and ensure the...