Entry 4

Accomplishment 1:   Adult Interview – This school year I directed my English 9E (Level 3 ELL) English students in creating a 60 page colored spiral-bound illustrated booklet of narratives, titled “Life Stories:   An Anthology of Community Interviews.” These narratives were based on interviews from which students gathered stories, quotes, and memories centered on a specific theme.   Students interviewed family members, employees, business owners, and other African and American-born adults in the community. Over a full school quarter, students followed a 10-step writing process, and were graded throughout on their interview questions and notes, narrative outline, rough draft, peer review, and oral presentation. During the process, I was able to give students the individual support they needed by employing the assistance of volunteers from a local four-year prestigious college with which I regularly collaborate.
At the completion of the project, I managed to get my school district to print enough copies to give contributing writers their own booklet to share with friends and relatives. In addition, I provided copies for display at our school and public libraries to reach a wider population. Spurred by both the quality of writing, and the inspiring and heartfelt stories, our district Chief Adviser of Academics suggested I share the booklets with students in the middle school.   Together we coordinated to have a class set printed for an 8th grade ELL class.  
As a final stage of the project, my students met in small groups with the English ELL Level 2 students, most of whom would be moving up to my English 9E class for the next school year. Students read their papers aloud, explained the steps involved in the project, the biggest challenges they encountered, and specific ways they would like to continue working on their writing.   This interaction gave the Level 2 students a chance to get familiar with the English 9E curriculum, and helped provide them with a realistic...