Entrepreneurship Business Target Group

With the idea of a new service of wedding planning in mind, the target market would compose of factors from geographics, demographics, psychographics,and behavioral segments. For instance, I live in Marietta. When I start looking at my marketing target groups, I’ll be advertising to people close to me in the surrounding areas; Marietta, Belpre, Williamstown, Beverly, and other close towns. It would not make sense for me to advertise my business in a town four hours away. In demographics, we can break the population of our chosen into more components. For example, thirteen year olds won’t be in need of our services. So   our target age group will be more in the 20-40 year old range. The gender and education variables are irrelevant. Now the psychographics can be more difficult in dividing the population, but there are obvious ones that can be ruled out like religious figures in most religions are not allowed to marry. Although it is now legal, many people are still very prejudice of gay marriage. Some people may go as far as to not to even look at your company if you offer services to homosexuals. The behavioral segmentation will correspond with the purchasing behaviors of the customers.      
Market research can be used to attract potential customers for the businesses by making it easier to know what the customers want. A company must study the trends of society. For this particular service, I believe that secondary research will work best, particularly I think that Database searches would work best.