Entrepreneur Is Defined as the People Who Assume the Risk of Business Ownership with a Primary Goal of Growth and Expansion, (According to Business Written by Ricky W. Griffin and Ronald J. Ebert, 2003, 7th Edition,

Entrepreneur is defined as the people who assume the risk of business ownership with a primary goal of growth and expansion, (According to BUSINESS written by Ricky W. Griffin and Ronald J. Ebert, 2003, 7th edition, Person prentice Hall, USA).
Also entrepreneur refers to the people with vision, drive and creativity who are willing to take the risk of starting and managing a business to make a profit or greatly changing the scope and direction of existing business, (According to THE FUTURE OF BUSINESS written by Laurence J. Gitman and Carl Mc Daniel, 2005,5th edition ,San Diego State university, USA).
Richman is the creator of the new economy. Hypothesizes that what has really occurred is that entrepreneurism has changed dramatically from amateurism (Then) to what he term the professional entrepreneur. What is he seeing is an evaluation in entrepreneurism not only because motivation from downsizing in putting mere talented people out of work but also because the opportunities is available from globalization and the virtual market place. Many very skilled people are joining entrepreneur rank raising the level of business knowledge and skill, thus why an economist Richman suggested that the role of entrepreneurs has significantly changed.
Yesterday entrepreneur was often stereotyped as “the boss”, self-r eleant, male and able to make quick firm decisions. Today entrepreneur is seen more often as open-minded leader who relies on network, business plan and consensus. The following are the comparison between then entrepreneur and now entrepreneur:-    
      Why leader and not boss ,an entrepreneur of now   is a leader, a manager is a boss ,a boss know everything while a leader admits mistakes, a boss tells employees what must be done, while a leader shows how to do things, a boss criticizes while a leader give advice, a boss talks first while a leader listen first, a boss gives order while a leader gives direction, a boss demand respect while a leader earns and...