Implementing Leadership Change

LDR/531 Organizational Leadership
March 14, 2013

Implementing Leadership Change
Through this paper Learning Team A is going to determine two possible strategies that could be implemented into the Gene One’s organization, this keeping the company’s desire to be innovative.   Also a SWOT Analysis and different recommendations will be exposed and discussed in order to grasp different areas that should be addressed for the company to achieve the desired outcomes.
Gene One is a biotechnology company which has faced several issues.   The company itself has expanded vastly and rapidly to the point that it has become one of the leaders in the industry.   Since the competition on this particular industry is growing in a rapid rate the CEO along with the Board of Directors of the company believe that they will benefit greatly if they decide to go public within the next three years.   They decided to put all their efforts and research on the eradication of pesticides on tomatoes and potatoes upfront in order to meet the desired outcomes and goals proposed which are to promote an IPO.   Gene One believes they have chosen the perfect timing since stocks arouse, and there is also an interest form Waal Street stockholders and investors in biotechnology.   Also they are trying to take advantage on a change of leadership in the FDA which has enhanced the confidence of the potential investors. But since there are always two sides of the story Gene One has its weaknesses too.   Gene One does not have the capability or experience to move into the IPO future, a change of strategy is needed from top to bottom in order to obtain success.   This strategy or strategies to be implemented will affect the entire organization and could determine whether the company adapts to change, innovates, or simply destroy what was built with so much effort throughout the years.
SWOT Analysis
  * One of the leaders in Biotechnology
  * Innovative...