Enron's Faliures

Examining Enron’s Failure
Enron was an American energy marketing corporation that went through a financial scandal, which involved Authur Anderson, LLP.   Authorities found that there were irregular accounting procedures, that took place during the 1990s.   This scandal, was an irregular accounting issues that involved manipulating stock prices.   December of 2001, Enron had no choice; but to file for bankruptcy.   The background of this scandal turned a lot of heads, the leadership and management issues that were involved while this scandal was taking place.   As stated, I will be identifying the leadership and management failures which led to the scandal of Enron and how established the organizational behavior of leadership and management could have affected the form of Enron.
The Enron’s Failures
The executive team at Enron was suppose to create an enterprise which would escalate affluence between the shareholders.   Enron’s stock prices were revealed to be less attractive and certain assertive accounting procedure measures were required by management.   Enron started this new type of accounting direction and they needed to strengthen the deceit with every fiscal year.   Enron had to keep moving forward.  

Enron’s leadership failure
The governance of the corporation of Enron failed to utilize their duties.   The ample of evidence that Enron’s leadership forced the creation of an atmosphere of personality around themselves, the consequences that evinced each of the major defects that are identified.   The Audit Committee should have censored the auditors and their work. The earnings and pricing of the stocks were increasing and no one internally investigated the accounting operations of Enron or Author Anderson (accounting firm).   Gudinkunst (2002), states that Enron’s ethical issues were a problem from the beginning to the end.   The leadership that Enron had in the beginning suddenly.

Enron’s management failure

The employees of Enron were involved with...