Enriching Teaching and Learning Process

Headings: Enriching Teaching and Learning Process in healthcare setting.
Teaching has been defined by Farrant (1980) ‘’as a process that facilitates learning’’. And Learning is defined as ‘’ stance taken by an individual that allows for the acquisition of information, attitudes, and practices, through observation, seeking previous knowledge, searching out guides, and looking within as well as without by Michele Griffin (2002).Quinn and Hughes (2007) claims that all qualified nurses are involved in teaching and learning therefore healthcare professionals need to progress in their profession (Raza et al.2009).   A good teacher should be able to identify the needs of learner and to improve in education. Hence, there is a strong focus to develop a culture of learning and teaching in the workplace. It enables the students in developing competency through the clinical learning experiences as the centre of professional education to utilize and develop their knowledge and skills. English National Board of Nursing, Midwifery and Health Visiting (ENB, 2001), states that clinical learning experiences provide prospect in knowledge, skills and attitudes towards clinical ground. As clinical area play an important role in facilitating learning, it is essential to promote an environment which facilitates learning thereby improving quality to be within standards.
This paper will discuss the significance of having a culture of learning and teaching in the workplace and how a practitioner can positively influence nursing practice and nursing care.
B2 Palliative / Nuclear is a twenty bed capacity. The ward accepts a range of learners including Interns and career development students, medical students. The unit had been examined as a learning environment and critically evaluate its effectiveness in contributing to learning. This can be done by focusing on two key issues of the learning environment which includes the physical and social climate and comparing these...