I was, in essence, the immaculate conception of religion
As I spread across the world the belief system gospel,
But it is only now that I truly feel reborn.
The myths that have enslaved me for all these years I can finally dispel.
I have now reclaimed from my birth the all seeing eye of truth
Before I was indoctrinated into this faith in the early stages of my youth.
The real world had become but a distant memory, torn and obscure.
I lived and breathed the words of wisdom that were passed down to me,
Yet I was blinded, I could not see...

I grasped at the sacrosanct words of what our holy one had to say
Because I was foretold that this was where my own path to righteousness lay.
But they realized that my growing curiosity for an ultimate understanding had to be contained.
Religion gives us the choice to believe a story that has been manufactured for different faiths;
I cringe now when I look back and I used to preach to people who needed to be `saved'.
For when religion has finished with our souls and this world, Armaggedon will be staged,
And when the dust settles the fallen will arise once more and the religious game will replay.
I now see the world is full of false prophets whose twisted words are dressed in pure imagery
Designed to separate mind, body and soul from the true beauty and feeling of this world.

I can now see the beauty of the darkness as well as the light
Because belief and faith are not things that can be preached.
It is a journey that starts from inside the soul and travels to the heart,
Through which we then become entwined with the real world around us.
I can now see through the lies because my soul is grounded in the truth.