Associate Level Material
Appendix N

Peer Review Checklist*

|What is the main point of this paper?       |Affirmative action has the opposite affect that is was meant for.                     |
|                                             |                                                                                       |
|What is the greatest strength of this paper?|The excellent examples the author uses to explain their point of view.                 |
|Explain your answer.                         |The essay introduction was clear and you knew what the paper was going to be about.   |
|                                             |                                                                                       |
|What material does not seem to fit the main |none                                                                                   |
|point of the paper or does not seem to be   |                                                                                       |
|appropriate for the audience? Explain your   |                                                                                       |
|answer.                                     |                                                                                       |
|Has the author sufficiently addressed       |Yes, they author gave percentages of people that were in favor of affirmative action. |
|counterarguments? Explain your answer.       |                                                                                       |
|Where should the author add more details or |When the author says, “There are laws now set into place to help defend people that   |
|examples? Explain your answer.               |may have believed they were victimized by discrimination” maybe explain a little more |
|                                             |about the law. When the law(s) were created and by who, in which states are they       |