Good morning/afternoon Miss Tspanos and fellow classmates.
Today I will be carrying out a detailed comparison and clear
analysis of how context affects the perception of how people
receive texts over time by comparing values, ideas and
language form .The two texts that I will be relating to the
given question are Merry Shelly’s 1818 chilling novel of
Frankenstein and Ridley Scott’s 1992 directors cut of blade
runner. Both of the chosen texts present to time separate
audiences on how the excessiveness and promotion of science
and technology in substitute to the role of god and what
consequences inturn follow .In both text humanity is portrayed
as having taken science research to a point beyond return
and in turn society has been left to deal with it consequences
as whole.


Frankenstein or the modern Prometheus as its known features
both the gothic and romantic elements. Both of these elements
especially romanticism have been placed deliberately
throughout the plot in a particular way offering
the audience of that time something they can relate to
themselves .Between the 18th and 19th century a romantic
movement had risen which would be embraced by the artists,
pouters and writers to transform their work in a way they
never thought possible. Romanticism was plainly a movement
against old laws and ethics which prevented people from
thinking out side the box, enlightment thinking, or mentioning
anything that was proposed to be against logic. In short the
Romantic Movement gave people the opportunity to detach
themselves from old ethics and beliefs in search for a more
imaginative and innovative future not bound by logic.
Many of the writers and pouters had notably responded to the
movement by including many elements of romanticism in their
work from settings ,tones ,themes and personalities.

Merry shelly contributed to this movement by including
numerous elements of romanticism in her novel of...