Amelia’s lost letter to Jim.

Letter 1-

                                                    45/47 Simpson St
                                                    Sydney 2140
                                                    NSW Australia
Dear Jim Martin.
Umm… Hi Jim! How’s life over there as a soldier? Tough?
Remember you can always give yourself up…. Your age!
We really don’t want to lose you Jim, you still have time to change your mind and fight back your real age, you can you really can my son.
All the way I hope you a all in 1 piece, like the time I have last seen you before you left for WAR.
Countless things have changed recently at home and elsewhere, after you left for war, but the children manage to do well, Annie and Mary often were late for school without you keeping the drum playing.
Dad and I manage well at our jobs, but I have recently become more like a busy bee without your helping hands.
Esther had a baby girl with Young Charlie recently and Alice was expecting one in September.
Jim! I often missed you, not just me but the family too.
We a waiting…..waiting for you to come back home like 1 family fixed.
And remember the baby needs an Uncle Jim.
This is all I need to say for now so I might write to a close draw; I hope you will change your mind Jim.
-I remain your loving mother AMELIA. =)
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                                                  From: Amelia Martin.

Letter 2-

                                                    45/47 SimpsonSt
                                                    Sydney 2140
                                                    NSW Australia
Dear my LOVING Jim.
The photo’s you have recently sent have been...