I am totally agree with the authour. Because   both women’s interests, responsibilities and shopping habits are changing. Also companies are trying to affect them. So women are now in the electronic market.
      There are a lot of changes in life. Everything is changing so fast that it affects both men and women’s life. According to expert; in the past women used to have lots of responsibilities like taking care of children, buying food fort he family. So daily spending is mostly done by women. On the other hand, men used to fix things which are broken, do the hard works. They used to spend so much Money on cars, televisions and things like that. However today these are changing. There is a concept like female economy. Because women aren’t only working at home any more. They have the same standarts just like men. Also thanks to having their own money, they can decide how to spend it. In addition because their lifestyles have changed, they pay attention the electronic aplications which are helpful for their works. That is to say women can also use computers like men for their works or entertainment, for instance. Moreover according to statistics % 60 of car purchasing can be made by women.
            There are some other aspects which cause this changes, too. Not only these changes happen because of women’s new habits and interests but also some companies’ strategies. They aim to take attention as much as possible. Because they are aware of the conditions of women, they try to turn this to a good account.So the markets and advertises do big implications according to women. By appealing to women they try to make bigger the number of their customers. And all these trickeries atract women.
              In conclusion women’s interests are changing day by day and this directs componies to do new things for women. As long as women work outside like man, they will need these products, anyway. Maybe in the future women will be more intersted in electronics market than...