Your worship
                      Whilst feeling obliged to plead guilty to the offence put before the court, I would like to point out an erroneous statement from the police! The police   states that I was stopped on the 4th February 2009 this is incorrect as I was actually stopped on 5th February 2009 on the 4th February 2009 at 00.36am I was in bed fast asleep. Later that evening my husband and I went into Grantham to the Nobody Inn to watch a football match, that being Everton v Liverpool (4th Feb), Everton won 1:0 we then went to Infernos for a drink before setting off home and we were stopped by the police at 00.36am the 5th February 2009! A simple mistake made by PC   JOHN.
When I received the court summons I noticed that the registration of my vehicle was incorrect, my vehicle being   and I have been summonsed for an offence related to vehicle ! A simple mistake made by a clerk at the court.

The reason for my pointing out these simple mistakes by the police and the court is that I too made a simple mistake in thinking that my MOT ran out in March 2009!
I have no previous convictions and no dealings with the police previously, not even a speeding ticket.
My mistake is punishable on the first offence it seems, even though I acquired an MOT certificate the same day as being stopped once I had realised my mistake.

I ask your worship to take into account that everyone makes mistakes and that mine was totally innocent and once I realised I had no MOT, I got one straight away.

Yours sincerely
Bob Jones