Unit 1   How often do you exercise?
I. 单项选择。
1. — How often ______ she exercise?
  — Twice a week.
    A. do      B. does      C. doing    D. did
2. Good food and exercise ______ me to study better.
A. help     B. helps      C. helping    D. to help
3. Is her lifestyle the same ______ yours or different?
   A. as      B. in        C. at      D. to
4. My father eats enough vegetables, and now he is ________ good health.
  A. at   B. for   C. in   D. with
5. Miss Yang likes movies, but she ________ goes to the movies. She doesn’t have enough   time.
    A. always  B. often   C. usually   D. hardly ever
6. My new MP3 is ________ Betty’s.
  A. the same from   B. the same with   C. different as   D. different from
7. — Do you think eating too much food is ________ us?
 — I don’t think so. We should do some exercise, I think.
  A. good for   B. good to   C. bad for   D. bad to
8. — Why did you sleep so late yesterday?
 — Because I wanted ________ today’s math test.
  A. study   B. study for   C. to study   D. to study for
9. Eating lots of vegetables and enough meat can ________ you healthy all the time.
  A. make   B. get   C. keep   D. stay
10. —   _______ do you go shopping?
  — Every day.
  A. How often    B. How many     C. When      D. How long
11. I think walking is _________ our health.
  A. good at     B. bad at     C. well in    D. good for
12. Li Lei works in England. He comes to China ________.
  A. three time a year       B. three times a year
  C. three times year     D. three time year
13. These days Mrs. Li looks _______ healthy.
  A. nice    B. pretty     C. heavy     D. cool
14. Mother wants me_______ English every day.
  A. to read     B. reads     C. reading     D. read
15. Her English is poor. You must _________ her.
  A. try help    B. try to help     C. to try help     D. trying to help

II. 完形填空。
  Ted exercises every day after school. He usually     1     basketball with his classmates in the school. Sometimes he...