The purpose of this essay is to critically analyse text.   The given text, “THINK:   the teen brain, drugs and psychosis”, falls under the broad genre of non-fiction prose and is a Persuasive Text in the form of a magazine article.   This article provides readers with information on how the teen brain can be affected by the experimenting of drugs and alcohol which could also lead to psychosis and has been taken from the Momentum Health Members, Jump Magazine and it is the first issue of 2015. This information is provided at the bottom of the article pages and on the URL image. The analysis of this text will be done by answering questions such What, Where, When, How, Who and why and I will consider what writing techniques or literary devices   that have been used to create meaning.
The text under discussion is, as stated above a persuasive text in a form of   a magazine article, but how was this identified?   In looking at the structure of the text it contains a headline “Think: The teen brain, drugs & psychos” and the lead “Young People love to experiment, but it can have disastrous effects.   With the help of Dr Lize Weich, psychiatrist at Stellenbosch University, we explain why teens are at risk”, these are the features that helps identify text as an article. The presence of the headline and lead does not however necessarily tell the reader that the article has been published in a magazine as that could also be found in newspaper article but the name of a publication “Jump Magazine” gives an indication.   If the publication’s name was not as obvious, the article could have been identified as a magazine article through its layout and topic.
In considering the headline found on top   of the article, which is printed using larger fonts, the colourful wording such as white, blue and red and   the different mix of   upper and lower cases , I would say the text contain a visual technique. Immediately as you read the word “Think” it commands you...