English Story

Immigrants at Central Station

➢ Very emotional => portrayed by imagery, “Families stood/keeping children by their sides”.   Demonstrates fear that surrounds migrants.
➢ Poem symbolizes very emotional climatic point in the migration experience
➢ Depicts family as human strength- with that comfort, love and support, people can get thru anything.
➢ Alliteration “ With dampness that slowly/sank slowly into our thoughts”
➢ Personification “ The air was crowded”- ( demonstrates that the atmosphere was full of fear and anticipation ) and “ But we ate it all, the silence, the cold, the benevolence”- ( Suggests a tense atmosphere)
➢ Similes “Like cattle brought for slaughter”, “Like a word of command”, “Like a guillotine/cutting us off form the space of eyesight” – used to illustrate the intensity and uncertainty of the poem.
➢ War is central theme which is depicted in language techniques- such as “like cattle brought for slaughter” (simile), gives strong connection to the genocide the Nazis inflicted on the Jews by way, of the Holocaust, indication of the common emotion shared by the migrants- fear.
➢   These migrants have been forced to leave behind their world, their old lives. This creates uncertain Element about the Future.
➢ They feel detached from life; as if they have lost their identity- “Watch pigeons/that watched them”.
➢ Likewise, “Like a word of command” strongly relates to the traumatizing concentration camps set up by the Nazis.
➢ Tone is made depressive as it conveys feelings of entrapment, anxiety and fear, tone portrayed by dark, lonely words such as silence, cold and dampness.
➢ Time is represented by the train “along the glistening track”- indicated that life and time go on, as so too must we.
➢ The migrants show reluctance to move ahead with their lives because the fear they lived through is still fresh and will forever haunt them.
➢ Poem explored sadness and disappointment of many migrants when they arrived in their new...