English Response Paper: Mike Rose

1 Mike Rose - Rigid Rules, Inflexible Plans, and the Stifling of Language: A Cognitivist Analysis of Writer’s Block

In Mike Rose's A Cognitive Analysis of Writer's Block the author stresses that writing rules and planning strategies close us off rather than enhance the writing process.   He goes by the study he performed on ten of his undergraduate students; five out of those ten experienced writers block.
Further into the reading Rose explains “rules” and “planning” he defines the two rules as Heuristics and algorithms. Heuristics are   rules of the thumb. As where algorithms can be used to generate a certain answer.   Rose then describes planning unlike the rules described planning takes criteria and certain goals needed to be obtained as well as some crucial feedback.
Writers block can be one of the most stressing thing to happen to any student. I personally believe it happens because we stress too much. Were worried the paper will not meet the standards we want it too or that it will not catch our readers attention. I believe that students should not worry too much if they have the belief that they are good writers than they should not have the worry of a bad paper. It is all just angst that we feel that we focus too much on getting that perfect first paper the first time around which its not. I completely agree with Everything Mike Rose had to say and he opened up my eyes never once did I think anxiety could have been a factor in my writers block.