English - Poetry Perspectives

English essay.
The insights that are explored in poetry can be seen in many different aspects and perspectives. This is shown by the use of various ways in which poets are able to construct a poem to achieve the act of gaining the audiences understanding of a certain point being made within the poem. Poetry gives us an understanding of how different people see things and express what they think through the way that their poetry is structured, helping the audience to acknowledge what the poet is trying to get across to the reader by using assorted techniques and ideas. Dorothy Porter has used assorted language techniques in her poems to help us understand the life of another and relate to how Akhenaten feels as he is the main character throughout this selection of poems.
Poems can also describe how a poet or the character in the poem is feeling about their self or what’s happening around them or in their life.   This helps make the audience understand more about the poem and the views the poet/character(s) in the poem see. Poems can also show a lot of emotion through the chosen words in the poem and the imagery made by use of words, which can help the reader feel sympathy and empathy towards the poetry, so that the reader can understand more about how the poem is meant to make them feel. First person narration being used in a poem is effective towards the reader because it can help them understand how the characters feeling, in this case Akhenaten’s feelings in the poems written by Dorothy Porter. The tone of which a poem is written in can also contribute to how the reader is made to feel when reading through a poem. If the tone of a poem is solemn, joyful, angry etc. the reader of the poem is encouraged to feel the same way. A poem can get across the perception of many various feelings including fury, hate, love, change, freedom, unhappiness, loss, fortune, experiences, remembrance etc. Using these techniques is useful in letting people into the feelings of the...