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Unit 21: nutrition for health and social care

Student name: Fatimah Al_asadi
Teacher name: Mr Selent

What is this unit about?
Learners will be introduced to the concept of nutritional health through exploring a number of definitions and different ways of describing and food intake and the problems caused by inappropriate consumption. Learners will then investigate the importance of nutrition to individuals at the different life stages as well as to socio-economic factors that influence food intakes. Finally, learners will carry out a quantitative study of the food intake of a chosen individual, and prepare a plan to improve the nutritional intake of the individual.
You are a dietician. You have decided to put together an educational package for your clients that will help to improve their general knowledge and understanding of the impact of diet on health. In addition you will carry out a quantitative nutrition analysis of the diet of one client and prepare an improved nutritional plan for them. This will then be used as a guide by all your clients on things they could do to improve their nutritional intake.
Learning outcomes:
  1. Understand concepts of nutritional health.
  2. Know the characteristics of nutrients.
  3. Understand influences on food intake and nutritional health.
  4. Be able to use dietary information from an individual to make recommendations to improve nutritional health.  

P1: explain concepts of nutritional health
Section 1: The Concept of nutritional health:
Food: food is an any source of substance eaten to nourish the body. Food can be solid or liquid, and can be taken by mouth, by tube or even directly in a vein, if a person is unable to eat or drink normally.
Diet: a diet refers to the types of food eaten regularly by an individual. The word diet does not necessarily refer to a weight loss diet. A person’s diet means all the meals and snacks they eat.
Meals and snacks:
The traditional pattern of...