English Paper

1. What brand is Winston's apartment, cigarttes, and gin?
Victory Mansions
2. What is the slogan or caption at the bottom of the posters displayed prominently in Winston's building and workplace?
3. What is the setting of the story (city, country, year)?
4. Where does Winston work?
Winston Smith worked for the Ministry of Truth.
5. What are the three party mantras?  (Hint:  "War is...")
6. What device spies on citizens and can never be turned off?
an instrument called a telescreen
7. Are there laws in this society?
There are no laws
8. What object makes Winston feel guilty?
Book that he bought
9. What does Winston write about first?
April 4th, 1984: He describes the films he watched the night before.
10. How long is the "Hate"?
Winston remembers the moment before that day’s Two Minutes Hate.
11. During the Hate, what do the people chant?
People broke into a deep, slow, rhythmical chant of ” B-B!...B-B!...B-B!”
12.   Whom does Winston fantasize about killing during the Hate?
He fantasizes that Katharine will die so he can remarry, and even about changing their identities to become and live like proles.
13. Who is the #1 Enemy of the People and what animal is he compared to?
Goldstein and animal that he is compared to is Swine!
14. What branch of the police does Winston fear the most?  Which ministry?
The thought police, ministry of truth
15. What is Newspeak?  What is INGSOC?  What is doublethink?
Newspeak is a dictionary. Ingsoc stands for English Socialism. Ingsoc is the name of the political system of Oceania. Ingsoc is a Newspeak word containing, as usual, a doublethink meaning. A mental discipline that is an exact contradiction to the basic principles of scientific inquiry called doublethink.
16. Why does Mrs. Parson's need Winston's help?
 needing help with the plumbing while her husband is away.
17. Whom is Mrs. Parson's most...