English for Primary School

4 English Oliver and the adroit baby dolphin

There was once a rather not your average 10 year old boy named Oliver.   He was so unobserved that he never even had proper clothes; all the clothes that he did have either are ripped or small.   At sunset every day would stamp there feet twice and an enchanted also wily seahorse pops up and takes them under water. If you are wondering how they stay under water all the time? They have a magic suit that allows them to breath under water a period of time .

one day Oliver stamped his feet and a baby dolphin came to shore “your old seahorse has eaten by a shark so I’m here to take place so let start, where do you want to go then” he said in a squeaky voice take us to the Easter heads on the on the other side of the ocean in Chile.

So he took of under water. They came across the famous coral reef. They saw an angle fish and a clam. Finally an hour or so later they arrived at the Easter Island were they met a rude talking isle that had bandana with sharp teeth like shark and it smells nothing like flowers. So the isle demanded the island to throw them of .Then he decided to throw them of. “Oooooohhhhhh” screeched Oliver “noooooo” shrieked iris.

5 hours later they finally Oliver saw the baby dolphin and told it to take it back to England where he would meet his parent Which would be approximately being 4 hours if the dolphin took them   He lastly found his parents and he lived happily ever after.  

The end
What Do Living Things Need to Survive?
How many organisms are in an ecosystem and where they are is limited by how well the ecosystem recycles materials and by how much food, water, space and shelter is available.

The Basic Needs of Living Things

Every living organism on earth needs some basic things to survive. The amount, way, form or kind of these needs vary from organism to organism.
For example, water is a basic need for survival. The amount of water a frog needs to survive is not the same...