English Essay-Discovery

English Essay- Discovery                                                                 Ashley Marsh-Mclean
Thesis; Discoveries expose who we are and our perceptions of life through the feeling of empathy towards others.
The ramifications of an individual’s discovery can change their perspective of themselves and the world through exposing who they really are through feeling empathy for others. The 1986 play ‘away’ by Michael Gow focuses on three Australian families embarking on a holiday adventure at the end of the year. Through exposing their own secrets to each other, the families each gather a new understanding of troubles each family faces, and gain a different perspective of themselves through feeling empathy. The 1999 film ’10 Things I Hate about You’ adapted from the Shakespeare play ‘The Taming of the Shrew’ focuses on the two Stratford sisters- Bianca and Kat. Bianca, who is desperate to begin dating, works together with a boy who is very interested in her to find her sister Kat a date, as new household rules state that Bianca may date, when Kat does. The film demonstrates the concept of discoveries changing who we are and our perspectives on life when Bianca discovers Kats secret about joey, and gains an understanding of why Kat is the way she is.
The catalyst of a discovery is the reason of why a discovery is exposed and is the first step to discovery. The play ‘away’ illustrates this concept through Gwen’s hostility towards Tom, Vic and Harry. Gwen believes the family is much below her and her family and that they do not work hard or try to have the life they wish for. Gwen is curious as to why the family lives like this, pushing the discovery towards being exposed. These beliefs are depicted through Gwen’s words at the beginning of the play at the school; “they both work, don’t they? In a factory, isn’t it? I’m sure that’s what I heard, A lean-to. They shouldn’t be going on holidays if they can’t afford one.” Short sentences are used to depict...