English Creativc Ewriting

The first main event in “witness” is the murder of the Policeman by a corrupt Cop, McFee. Samuel, an innocent Amish boy witnesses this event. The second main event in the film is when John Book and McFee have a shootout and John is shot. John is then nursed back to health in the Amish community where he can also hide and protect Samuel at the same time. The third main event and the climax of the film is the big shootout at the end where the three corrupt Policemen come to kill John and Samuel. The Policemen are finally defeated because of the strength of the Amish community.
Setting is clearly important from the opening sequence. The Amish community is revealed first. The strength of the community is illustrated with a visual metaphor in the opening sequence when a group of Amish men, women and children rise up from behind and into a field of Corn. This not only emphasises their unity but also their harmony with the land. The music used in this sequence is slow paced. This reflects the Amish pace of life as they reject technology. Conformity is an important issue in the Amish community. Everyone dresses very plainly and no one takes pride in what they wear. This suggests that they have very strict rules that everyone has to follow.
Peter Weirs depiction of the city is in complete contrast with the Amish community, particularly because it is seen through he eyes of an innocent child.
A key scene that shows the violence in the city best is where Samuel witnesses a brutal murder in a toilet in the train station. The tension begins with the music. The music begins when Samuel witnesses the murder through a gap in the cubicle door. It is very tense and the fast beat of the music mirrors the beat of Samuels heart. This emphasises his fear.
During this scene we are introduced to McFee one of the main characters and the murderer. Weir makes this an extremely brutal scene to highlight his view of the city. After the murder has been committed McFee is unexpectedly in no...