English as a Foreign Language

CELTA Language Related Assignment, item 1

I was going to phone you yesterday, but I forgot.

1. Generative Context

I was going to have my first lecture in my new language school. I was very excited and I was looking forward to teach some new foreign students. My boss was going to phone me to let me know about what time I needed to arrive at the language school. I waited all day for her phone call but she didn’t ring. The next day, I arrived at the language centre at 8:30 and one of the colleagues gave me a message that my boss was at her friend’s party last night and had forgotten to phone me.

2. Meaning

We use this form to give someone information about your intention to do something.   Although this is a future tense but in this sentence it is a past continuous tense                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

She planned to phone

She did not phone

3. Form

Subject + be simple past + present participle go + to + infinitive
4. Phonemic transcription, including marking the stressed syllables and notes on pronunciation
See Appendix A
5. Concept checking questions (with answers), and, where appropriate, time lines, diagrams, pictures, etc (please continue overleaf if necessary)

Did she plan to phone?           (Yes)

Did she phone?                       (No)

Will she phone now?               (No)

CELTA Language Related Assignment, item 2

She must have gone home by now.

1. Generative Context

I was at the University of Sussex campus where I am staying at the moment due to the CELTA course that i am doing at ISE in...