Engage in Personal Development in Health Social Care or Childrens and Young Peoples Setting

Unit 052 - Engage in personal development in health, social care or children’s and young people’s settings.

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According to my role profile below is a summary of my position and what is expected of me.

To deliver the highest standards of care, protection and support to children and young people by facilitating their physical, psychological and emotion development through the application of Five Rivers practice model, care standards and all relevant guidance. To actively promote Five Rivers’ philosophy of creating a residential care home environment, this assists each child to achieve their maximum potential and recovery.

Promoting young people’s participation, to ensuring young people are actively involved in the environment and day to day activities of the home. I do this on a day to day basis by getting the young person involved in their daily life and asking them what they want to get out of the day and how we can achieve this. The young person also has a house meeting every Sunday, this is where we go through tings such as the menu, the weekly activity plan and other issues that the young person might be holding we can talk through them here. I will also ask the young person’s if they want anything beginning up in the team meeting as this gives them the opportunity for us all as a team to discuss any ongoing issues they might be experiencing.
Promoting a culture of open and honest communication – this is again done on a daily basis as I shift plan each morning with my colleague, here we detail who is going to be doing specific tasks and when they are going to be done by. We also have a de-brief at the end of the shift – here we talk to each other openly about how the shift went, what could have been done better and what worked well. This is good to use for the next shift as we can then go on to notice patterns of behaviour from the young person and the best way to deal with this.


The importance of being able to be reflective...