Eng Lang

he genre of the text is a conversation between two 19 year old people, after their shift at work. The audience is the two people within the conversation. The purpose of text is to have a catchup chat about what has gone on in their lives recently because they are mutually content with one another.
Robin Lakoff
Zimmerman & West
This is the theory that in mixed-sex conversations men are more likely to interrupt than women.
Deborah Tannen
Deborah Tannens theory is broken down into six contrasts. The ones on the left are the male ones and the ones on the right are female.
In the conversation towards the start the women, Linda, goes against Z + W research because they researched that men are more likely going to interrupt in a conversation than women but in this case Linda does. Ed says "where d'you go Manchester or Birmingham" where at this point where he says Birmingham, Linda is on that and interrupts him saying Birmingham as he does.
Also in the text, towards the start again, Linda goes against Z + W theory again (obviously Linda doesn't like them) because in their theory also, they mention that men are more dominant within the conversation than women. Evidence of this is at the start of line 10 when Linda is going on about a flat tyre and Ed can't get a word in Ed-geways. ;)
Again towards the end of the transcript, Linda goes against Zimmerman and Wests theory when she interrupts Ed again. The evidence of this is on lines 35 and 39. We believe that Zimmerman & Wests theory may be wrong because when they carried out the research back in 1975 (out dated information) they only carried out 11 conversations, which if compared to the 7 billion on the planet, this doesn't speak for everyone, so there theory data s outdated and very limited.
This theory was to do with women's language and how women talk and use different features to speak to mark themselves out from men.
On line 20 after Ed has laughed at Linda for not being able to change a tyre, Linda...