Eng 215- Research and Writing

Should transportation Security (TSA) regulations be changed?
The Transportation Security is necessary for many customers and travelers. The TSA   protects the Nation’s transportation system provide their safety and also give the travelers the freedom of movement.   The thesis statement to this topic is if the advantages and disadvantages of the Transportation Security Agency. The audience is for anyone who travels.
                        Should changes be made to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)?
The Food and Drug Administration is a very important topic because protects and improve the health of the Country. The audience is everyone because everything that deals with food and drugs must be approved by the FDA. The thesis statement for this topic is determining ways to improve the Food and Drug Administration.
Should Regulations for home schools be changed?
I chose this topic because I think no one should be home schooled since we have good public and private schools across the U.S. Even though there are cruel people out there, the law enforcement protect the citizens and we should not be afraid to get an education for our children in this society. Schools should be open to the public. The audience would be administrative, critical, passionate people. In the U.S the number of students being home schooled increases every month due to the cruel and dangerous people, and the chance of a good education and the comfort of the parents eases the mind and give them less stress of how the child grow to be in life.


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