Life of an ENFP
Introduction to Psychology
March 01, 2014

Life of an ENFP
A life has to be an open – minded, imaginative, caring and outgoing and I am an ENFP, my name is Christian Lopez Robles. I will discuss how the characteristics of my profile relate to my life and how they can be useful or challenging to me in my chosen career as a Criminal Justice. The paper will lead you to a path only ENFP can take and will be written to describe my life as an ENFP. Who I am is who I want to be and choose to be and this is who I am.
What ENFP stands for E is Extraversion, N is Intuition, F is Feeling, and P is for Perception. Extraversion likes to interact with other people, socializing helps them to feel more energized and renewed. Intuition is focused on the world’s possibilities. They are good at abstract thinking and prefer not to concentrate on the little things. Feeling is when making decisions; they place a greater value of feelings rather than logic. Perception is flexible and likes to keep their feelings to themselves. They can be spontaneous and are highly adaptable to change. They also don’t like routine and may have trouble with disorganizations.
As my career choice as criminal justice and going for becoming a cop can be very stressful in a job like that. In ENFP can become not happy with stress and strict schedules and mundane task. I as a little kid I always dreamed of becoming a police officer and having the pride to have a badge. I guess because I see that the results of becoming an ENFP I just see my dreams of becoming a police officer get destroyed. I also see it that I don’t care what my personality is I do care is achieving my long time dreams and nothing or nobody will stop me from achieving them. Because all a kid’s dream is becoming a cop and get away with anything. I couldn’t see someone destroy a person’s dream. If they want a big dream let them achieve it with pride and bravery.
The results of studying criminal justice is lots of stress...