Enforcing the "Cyber Slander Law"

<Enforcing Cyber Slander Law>

As technologies of 20th century are improving day by day, new problems are springing up. One of the most serious problems is “Cyber Slander.”   Many people have been extremely hurt form cyber slandering, so it is suggested that “Cyber Slander Law” should be made. In contrast, some people refute their idea because it is thought to be violation of freedom of speech.   In my perspective, however, “Cyber Slander law” should be strictly enforced for it benefits all people in general.
First and foremost, enforcement of “Cyber Slander Law” prevents people from gossiping online. If there is a law that forbids them from saying negative sides of people, they will give it a second though before they write anything. For example, I operated a “Naver café” and let everyone write about what they want. However, I figured a few people talked ill about celebrities and politicians. I forcefully withdrew them and made an announcement warning not to leave negative comments on page. After that, nobody did such a thing.
Secondly, the law provides the only way to protect the victims of cyber slander. When innocent people get their reputation distorted because of the cyber gossip, laws should demand the offender to pay for the consequences. For example, there are so many public figures that have been emotionally wounded or even committed suicide because of malicious rumors online. In order to keep victim’s rights, proper punishment should be enforced.
In conclusion, I strongly believe that it is only natural to make Cyber Slander Law. That way, the society can prevent people from speaking ill of people through the Internet, and protect the rights of cyber slander victims. For the better world, it is strongly needed.