Energy Challenges

The sources of energy shown were, wind, solar and some food products that can be turned into liquid fuel, hydropower wasn’t mentioned.
To use solar energy we need solar panels, they are available for common purchase however their price is high.   If the government were to build more solar panels to use for power, lower the cost of solar panels for commercial use then solar power would be easier to harvest along with making solar power more favorable to those that could build bigger panels that could sell some power back to the power companies.
Wind power in the US isn’t used as much as it could be, true you need to build several wind power turbines to help provide power; however the power that can be provided almost twenty-four hours a day and is a clean renewable resource.   The main issue with wind power was pricing, however in recent years smaller wind turbines have been made, which in turn has allowed them to be used for home power, the reason it is not used more often is the lack of knowledge to the commercial world that it is available.
Food that can be turned into fuel isn’t a new idea, however only so many farmers can contribute the time and resources necessary to collect and harvest these left over products to sell so that the remains can be turned into fuel.
With nonrenewable energy such as oil, we will eventually run out it to use for our vehicles and other machinery that need this resource to help provide power and other uses.   The world in a whole needs to see how much damage using as much as we use on a daily basis is effecting not just the one section here or there, but globally.   Coal pollutes the air as it is released and it is hard to use it sparingly, gas which is made from oil will run out as well, once our supplies are low, the prices will shoot up causing economic strains.