Ender's Game

1. Is childhood a right? Does a person robbed of a “normal” childhood have any possibility of stability as an adult? Does Ender have any chance of living “happily ever after”?
In my opinion childhood should be a right, but it’s definitely not guaranteed. I speak from personal experience. I was robbed of most of my childhood up until the age of eleven years old. I didn’t live a normal childhood, my parents did drugs and didn’t take care of me. Although, it’s nothing compared to what Ender Wiggin went through. A person robbed of a “normal” childhood does have a possibility, in my opinion, of stability as an adult. For me that possibility was through Jesus Christ, when he saved me. He carried me through all the bad and has got me where I am today. I can say that as I grow I will surely be stable, because through finding Jesus, he has supplied me with a wonderful foster family that I consider as my own family. Any person robbed of a “normal” childhood will never have a chance of getting it back, but they can have a positive future if they have people guiding them and helping through the rough times that they will go through. I think that Ender will have a chance of living because he has a good future ahead of him, being that he is the Speaker of the Dead. He has his sister, Valentine, to help guide him through difficult obstacles and he will have things to occupy him to keep him from thinking of the past.