End to Hamlet


Scene Description:

Hamlet convinces himself now is the time for him to confront Claudius about his father’s death. Hamlet becomes agitated and angry at the attitude that Claudius display’s and kill’s him. Gertrude then becomes afraid of Hamlet and confesses that Claudius was his actual father and that she had lied to the previous king Claudius and Hamlet all that time. She also reveals that Claudius and herself were once in love before she forced to marry the King. Hamlet then kills Gertrude and becomes mad. Hamlet becomes the king of Denmark, although Horatio does not seem to glad about the idea.


Hamlet: the prince of Denmark is troubled and is confused. He wishes to avenge his fathers death but is afraid of the consequences.

Claudius: The king of Denmark Is overwhelmed by the guilt because he fears of Hamlet and his mental state. Claudius fears for his life and plans to kill Hamlet

Gertrude: The queen of Denmark is uneasy as she is in conflict with herself. She is not sure whether to tell Hamlet and Claudius the truth and reveal the lie she has kept from them for many years.

Horatio: Hamlet’s best and most loyal friend begins to question Hamlet’s decision and his sanity. Horatio thinks to himself that he may need to kill Hamlet himself in order to save his country.

Claudius: good morrow Hamlet,
thou should’st” be preparing for the duel with Laertres.

Hamlet: Marry, quoth ‘I, not a whit.
Tis thee that I wish to take arms against.

Claudius: By my fay!

Hamlet: thou not guilty of thy actions?
thy actions alone has led to this duel.

Claudius: silence hamlet!

Hamlet: Hark! thou know very well what thou art talking about prattler.
Dost thou not e’en seek forgivness for thy sin?

Gertrude: stop hamlet.

Hamlet: mother this man killed thy husband.

Claudius: Hamlet stop this.
thy behaviour is unacceptable, thou art cupshot.
Out upon thee sirrah?

Hamlet: thy a...