End of Tyranny

End of Tyranny
The notorious King of Scotland, Macbeth has been murdered by Macduff and his army yesterday at Dunsaine castle.
Macduff and his army camouflaged themselves under trees from Burnian wood and crept towards Macbeth’s castle. “Who would of thought woods could walk”, said Macbeths servant.
Macbeth was guilty of at least 10 deaths of innocent civilians, he murdered King Duncann, Banquo and Macbeths wife and children. Malcolm, King Duncann’s son said “he murdered my father an honorable and great king. He was a cold blooded killer who felt no remorse for any of his victims.  
The desire for Macbeth to gain power led him to resort to killing anyone in his way claim people who were close to him.
The first suspicions were raised when King Duncann was killed and claims of Macbeth killing his two aids as he thought they executed King Duncann. People were thought to of known of Macbeth’s killings but everyone was so scared that they didn’t say a word.
According to sources, Macbeth relied on the witches to for see his future. The witches predicted that Macbeth would become Than of Cawdor, Banquo’s children would become king and Macbeth would become King. This is what started his drive for ambition and power. Also, the witches told him “to beware Macduff none of women born shall harm Macbeth,” and “until near vanquished be until Great Birnam wood to high Dunsaine hill shall come against him”.
Macbeth got the idea that he was invincible from what the witches had told him.”Little did he know that I was of caesarian born”, said Macduff.
According to sources, Lady Macbeth was very ill before she committed suicide, she was seen sleep walking and washing blood off her hands.
King Duncann’s son, Malcolm has been sworn in as king of Scotland. Order has been restored back to normal.