End of Cold War!

End of the cold war
Laurea   Pruitt

In the Cold War, the United States went from being a rival to considering itself as a superpower, unrivaled by all other countries. The sad fact of this matter is that simply we cannot change our focus on this. If we did not take a leading role in world affairs, nobody would; those that might could be either of terrorists, communists, or radicals. Borders are disappearing, but like any community, there will be the rich and the poor. On the other hand, the rich also have the power to keep it that way as well. There are advantages for poorer countries with global communities, as I believe that trades well get fairer. Therefore, in an economical sense, the less-developed nations are given the resources in order to succeed, as the industrialized nations can aide these nations with their problems. On this note, there is even talk of an African Union in which might possibly allow them to become a bigger member in world affairs. It is also interesting to consider that America is generally fading as an unrivaled "superpower" as the world leader in the markets, simply because China and India are surpassing our markets in the sense that they are manufacturing, while we are simply servicing them to our country.
First, we must lead in the transition from consumption development to sustainable development. Ever since the Industrial Revolution, global economic development has been based on stimulating and meeting demand for consumption through the exploitation of natural resources and the advance of technology. Unabated exploitation of fossil fuels will trigger catastrophic climate disruptions that will reduce food supply, spread disease, increase poverty, and result in substantial loss of human life and biodiversity.
Second, the United States must work collaboratively with our global partners to promote a transition from a global community of democratic nation-states to a democratic global community....