Model H20® Incremental Encoder
Mechanical Specifications

BEI Industrial Encoders
Cycles per Shaft Turn: 1 to 4096 (see table A) For resolutions above 1024 see interpolation options in the 2008 Spec Guide pages 36 and 37 Supply Voltage: 5 to 28 VDC available Current Requirements: 100 mA typical + output load, 25O mA (max) Voltage/Output: (see note 5) 28V/V: Line Driver, 5–28 VDC in,Vout = Vin 28V/5: Line Driver, 5–28 VDC in,Vout = 5 VDC 28V/OC: Open Collector, 5–28 VDC in, OCout Protection Level: reverse, overvoltage and output short circuit (see note 5) Frequency Response: 100 KHz (up to 1024 cpt; 400 KHz with interpolation option (see note 7) Output Terminations: see Table 1 Note: Consult factory for other electrical options

The H20 is an extremely rugged encoder designed to economically fill the resolution range up to 4096 cycles per turn. This compact unit features a shock resistant disc, heavy duty bearings, and EMI shielding. The H20 conforms to NEMA 4 and 13 requirements. The H20 is also available in a hub shaft style with a flexmount (inset) for easy mounting directly to small motors. Typical applications of the H20 include machine control, process control, agricultural machinery, textile equipment, robotics, food processing, and metering. The H20 Incremental Encoder is available with the following certifications:
EN 55011 and EN 61000-6-2 CSA Class I, Div1 Group C&D U.S. Standards Class I, Group A,B,C & D; Class II Group E,F & G CENELEC EEX ia IIC T4 Canadian Standards Class I, Zone 0, Group IIC

Shaft Diameter: 1/4" thru 3/8" and metric versions. Hollow shaft, hub shaft or thru-shaft versions available. Flat On Shaft: 0.75 x 0.03 deep Shaft Loading: up to 40 lbs. axial and 40 lbs. radial Shaft Runout: .001 T.I.R. maximum Starting Torque at 25°C: 1.0 in-oz maximum without shaft seal; 2.5 in-oz maximum with shaft seal; 4.0 in-oz thru-shaft Bearings: 52100 bearing steel Shaft material: 303 stainless steel Bearing Housing: Die cast aluminum with...